GIVING BACK - A portion of our profit always goes to charity


We embrace the philosophy of giving back. All our jewelry is charity jewelry. We donate a large part of our income to the charity projects we work closely with. When you receive or buy a piece of jewelry from our collections, you become part of giving to someone in need. 


We are so proud and thrilled to continue our partnership with Project Playground. Together, we've created the Diamond Collection, drawing inspiration from Project Playground's logo. This beautiful diamond necklace symbolizes strength, purity, and endless possibilities, reflecting the wonderful potential of all the children and youth at Project Playground. The collection consist of necklaces, earrings and rings in both gold plated brass and sterling silver.

Building on the success of our first collection, we are excited to introduce new additions— the Globe and Puzzle Necklaces. These pieces embody our shared values of interconnectedness and the strong bonds that form the foundation of inclusive and safe communities where every child can thrive. Like the Diamond Collection, these new pieces are designed to inspire and represent hope for a brighter future.

This is a 100% non-profit collaboration; we do not profit from the sale as all surplus funds go directly to Project Playground and their efforts with vulnerable children and youth in the townships outside Cape Town and the suburbs of Stockholm.

Support Project Playground's important work by purchasing from these collections on their website or below.

H.R.H. Princess Sofia, former Sofia Hellqvist, and Frida Vesterberg founded Project Playground in 20I0. 

With a background and commitment to the non-profit sector, both H.R.H. Princess Sofia and Frida saw a need to focus on the development of the individual in combination with a holistic perspective of the child and its unique, personal needs in order to create a sustainable and long term change both on an individual and systematic level. 

Both founders wanted to create a safe space through a meaningful spare time where trustworthy adults motivate children and youth to believe in the future and the possibility to influence and steer their life in a positive way. 

They also saw the need to build a sustainable structure where knowledge transfer in collaboration with the community and local institutions already present in the area became a contributing factor in the development of the way the foundation work. There's a big focus on the development and well-being of the staff as they are the ones who deal with the challenges the children and youth live with daily. 

On this basis Project Playground was founded.



Since 2015 we have supported Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Denis Mukwege and his work at the Panzi Hospital in Congo through the non-profit organization PMU.

In the DR of Congo, it’s more dangerous to be a woman than a soldier. In the conflict that’s been centered around natural assets among other things, hundreds of thousands of women and children have been subjected to sexual assault. But there’s a place that gives hope to the women of Congo – the Swedish-built Panzi Hospital outside the city of Bukavu. It’s a place where women and children are offered medical care and treatment.

The work the Panzi Hospital and Dr. Denis Mukwege are doing for vulnerable women has become world-famous but is still threatened by strained finances. We have created a piece of jewelry as a way to raise funds for the work they do and spread awareness about the situation in the DR of Congo, through PMU. All profits from the jewelry go straight to the work PMU do at the hospital.

Buy the jewelry through PMU's website or below. 

PMU is part of the Pentecostal Movement and was founded in 1965 and is one of the largest relief organizations in Sweden. At the end of 1990, PMU was part of building the Panzi Hospital and has been supporting the work ever since. The work in the DR of Congo started long before PMU was founded and today they have multiple initiatives around the country together with other well-known organizations on the ground such as Radiohjälpen and Världens Barn.