Care Instructions

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Our jewelery box that comes with your jewelery is an ideal place to store it. All materials in our jewelery are genuine sterling silver, bronze and gold. Our jewelery is resistant to wear but the metals can react to salt water and chlorine. Many of our chains are gold plated which means it’s genuine 14K or 18K gold on top of sterling silver. The gold will wear down over time, a process affected by usage.


Your silver jewelery is easily cleaned with silverdip or silver polish. Silver oxidation rate will be affected by your skin type.


Much of our gold colored jewelery is made entirely from genuine bronze, this means that it’s 100% bronze all the way through. Bronze is a very “living” material that quickly changes character once you start using it. Initially a well polished bronze detail can become slightly spotted and later receive an even matte tone. This is an amazing process which grants a unique and incredibly beautiful patina. There’s no surface that gets worn down, it’s just a coating – a patina over time. Bronze jewelery becomes more beautiful the older it gets and never loses its gold color.

As the jewelery is bronze all the way through it is always easy to restore to its initial shine. You can polish it yourself with a polishing cloth. You are always welcome to contact us if you need any assistance with polishing. (


Gold plating will wear down over time, a process affected by usage. To make your gold plated items last for as long as possible we recommend you avoid contact with water and moisture. Only use a soft cloth to clean your item, for example the kind of cloth used to clean glasses with. Don't use our cleaning cloths for bronze jewelry as that will polish the surface and wear down the gold plating quicker.


Your beautiful stone will always keep it’s lustre. If the stone starts to look a bit dim and not as lustrous anymore it’s because there’s dirt on the stone. Clean it with a toothbrush, dishwashing liquid and warm water. If it's a gold plated brass ring, avoid using a brush on the gold plated surface.


Our chains hold the highest possible quality and are made in Italy. We have however chosen a thin, delicate chain for our pendants that should be handled with care. The chains can withstand daily wear in terms of constant use but you should be careful so you don’t get stuck as the chain may snap. On gold plated chains the gold will wear down over time and gradually reveal the sterling silver below. How long this process takes is related to what skin type you are, (what your skin secretes) chemicals and usage.