About Us


Emma Israelsson Stockholm is Scandinavian design characterized by both minimalistic and bold jewelry. Everything is designed by hand first and uses refined gold, bronze, and sterling silver to create our sustainable pieces. All our jewelry can be worn by itself or layered together, all day every day and into the night if you’re going out. The dove, a symbol of peace, has been one of our signature best-selling pieces. The Link collection was designed with both men and women in mind. This genderless collection has the Scandinavian edge that’s a signature of our brand.

As a business within the jewelry and fashion industry, we have a great responsibility to answer environmental and humanitarian issues. Since our start, we have embraced the philosophy of giving back. 10% of our profits will always be given to charity. When you receive or purchase jewelry from Emma Israelsson Stockholm’s collections, you become part of giving to someone in need. Since 2015 Emma Israelsson Stockholm has supported Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr Denis Mukwege and his work at the Panzi Hospital in Congo through the non-profit organization PMU. 

Sustainability is a lead word for us when creating new collections. We use recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones when creating our pieces. We have come a long way but there is much more we can do and why we never tire of looking for better and more environmentally friendly ways to produce and create to become a more sustainable brand.

“I´ve always had a passionate desire to start a business that matters. To do what you’re really good at and love, to do it with passion and hard work while aiming for a higher cause. Exquisite designs and success is definitely a goal, but it wouldn’t be worth much if we didn’t have a greater goal, a goal to give back from every little success to someone in need. When we launched 2013, my first collection was called PS23. This beautiful psalm gives us promises of blessings and protection and encourages us to remember who the true and everlasting Shepherd is. I carry the psalm through all my work. An everlasting love, guidance, and inspiration.”